Our Solutions

We develop and implement mobility solutions to create the biggest mobility ecosystem.

World Wide Mobility MaaS®

A single ecosystem that integrates all mobility options: Station Based, Corporate Carsharing, Free-Floating, Rental, Subscription...

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Free Floating®

Sharing vehicle solution where the user can: reserve, open, close and pay from their mobile at any point and any time within a specific area.

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Mobility solution to offer flexible subscription of vehicles for days, months or years.

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Development of our own hardware for the digitization of vehicles, allowing opening, closing and tracking of vehicles in real time.

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Station Based Sharing

Development of hardware and software for sharing vehicles in parking lots or stations where the user can reserve, open, close and pay from their mobile.

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Corporate Sharing

Improves company mobility by offering a fleet of vehicles for employees.

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Keyless Fleet

Fleet solution that allows the driver to open and close any vehicle through the smartphone, even without internet connection.

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Rental Software

Provide replacement vehicles to dealership customers when their car is in repair (increased profitability).

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