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All the technology you need to launch, operate, and scale your shared mobility business, whether it's for car-sharing, bike-sharing, or scooter-sharing.

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Through our in-house hardware, software, and a fully customizable white-label app, you will have all the tools you need to launch and scale your shared mobility service.

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Car Sharing Software Backoffice

Manage your vehicle fleet, clients, and team in real-time from a single backoffice:

  • Real-time geolocation and immobilization of vehicles
  • Documentation validation and OCR through automatic user verification with biometric technology
  • Fleet and pricing configuration
  • Smart pricing: Generation of zones with discounts or additional charges for higher profitability
  • Creation of specific zones for B2B and B2C with adapted prices

Discover more features

  • Generation of automatable alerts for operators in case of low charge or fuel in vehicles
  • Information available via API
  • Remote control of vehicles (opening and closing)
  • Allow or restrict access to a vehicle
  • Integrated billing system
  • Data analysis and dashboard
  • Multi-user platform with role management
  • General and segmented promotions by trips and user types
  • Verification of damages reported by users
  • Massive import of vehicles and clients
  • Travel history data
  • And more
Car Sharing app mockup

Car Sharing Fleet Operator App

Mobile fleet management application for operators.

  • Display of incident notifications assigned to the operator
  • Incident status management
  • Ability to activate and deactivate vehicles in the user app
  • Car search by license plate or location, among other features.
Car Sharing Software screenshots

Car Sharing Apps (iOS, Android) with High-Conversion UX/UI for Users

White-label mobile applications, 100% tailored to your brand, with a high-conversion UX/UI (iOS, Android).

  • User registration in under a minute
  • Automatic user verification through biometric technology and documentation validation
  • Possibility to add and manage different payment methods
  • Locate and reserve vehicles
  • Vehicle locking and unlocking through the mobile app
  • Report damages
  • Travel history data
  • Radar with automatic alert for nearby vehicles
  • Push notifications
  • Vehicle filtering
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Member get member feature
  • User differentiation by categories.

Car Sharing Hardware

We are not dependent on external suppliers; we have developed our own hardware with dual GPRS/Bluetooth communication for vehicle digitization.
It is designed to the highest quality standards by our engineers, incorporating LTE-M communication with 2G fallback, communication with the backend through MQTT protocol designed for IoT, providing maximum reliability and security.

  • Vehicle load or fuel detection
  • Real-time tracking and immobilization of the vehicle
  • Travel history data
  • 100% digital vehicle locking and unlocking
  • Vehicle mileage control
  • Possibility to set alerts when the vehicle exits defined zones
  • Easy installation without voiding the vehicle's warranty

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Car Sharing Software solution for any type of vehicle: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters...

Adapted to different operating models.

Car Sharing Software,
rental service for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or scooters by minutes/hours in specific areas.
Vehicle rental service per minutes/hours with pickup and return at the same station.
Combination of Car Sharing Software and Station-Based,
Vehicle rental service per minutes/hours in specific areas combined with pickup and return at the same station.
Allows your company's employees to use a fleet of vehicles that reduces travel costs and improves the quality of their mobility.
Vehicle rental service by hours/days with pick-up and return at the same station.
Peer to peer,
Vehicle rental service among individuals.

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+500.000Managed users
+7.000Managed Vehicles
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Largest 100% electric Car Sharing Software in Spain

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+ 650

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  • “WWM's experience in the mobility sector has been crucial for the launch of Voltio by Mutua. It has allowed us to be very agile in the development process. We have pioneering technology in the market that sets us apart from our competitors.”

    Ernesto Mateo Hernández, Director General Voltio by Mutua

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