Kinto Share by Toyota

Toyota wants to expand its offer of mobility services in addition to traditional vehicle sales, offering a car sharing service for days, hours or weeks without the ownership costs.

The Customer

Toyota, multinational automotive manufacturer, has created a new brand: KINTO, dedicated to provide mobility services from carpooling to car-sharing and flexible car subscriptions, for all needs across all types of journeys.

The Challenge

Kinto, wants to offer through Kinto Share a carsharing service for days, hours or weeks through a simple platform for users to access to the service easily and quickly and backoffice platform with which fleet managers can monitor and optimize fleet utilization in a efficient way.

The solution

With our white-label rental software for dealerships and corporates, Kinto Share Portugal runs on the backoffice, website and app we have created, so clients can rent to their ideal Toyota vehicle for days, hours or weeks in less than 2 minutes.

The benefits

Kinto Share fleet managers can manage bookings and optimize fleet from a single BackOffice and clients and employees can easily rent the vehicle of their choice for days, hours or weeks.

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